Sunday, July 18, 2010

Andrea's transition

Andrea has been going thru a transition to a 3 year old baby girl over the past month. I have also been making some major changes in order to adapt to the new reality of having a baby daughter.

Andrea's inability to control her bodily functions has had a major affect on her mental and emotional state. Every time she wets or makes in her diaper she cries. I hold her in my arms and tell her that there is nothing wrong with that. That is how babies communicate that they need to be changed. I have told her that she must be in diapers until she can control herself. She remembers the terrible accidents she had. So embarrassing.

Andrea has begun potty training. She sits each day on a potty chair for an hour each morning. Hopefully she can regularize her bowel movements. The bottom part is transparent plastic which makes it easy to monitor her progress at a glance. Sometimes, when I have visitors, I take out the potty chair and have her sit on it within clear view of my guests. That is when i use the trigger word "Sissy Andrew". That is extremely humiliating for her.

Andrea only has a vocabulary of about 10 or so baby words (mama, dolly, milky, etc). Much of the time she just uses baby gibberish. Her days consist of at least 12 hours in her bed (babies need lots of sleep), playing with her dolls, coloring pictures, watching some cartoons, and drinking milk from a bottle and jars of baby food.

I am converting her room to a baby nursery. We need more day care (baby sitters) for her but that is working out fine.

I am definitely planning on changing Andrea's attire to something more appropriate - baby dresses. One feature of baby dresses is that they always leave her diaper and plastic panties at least partially in view, This is both to make clear her status as a baby for both herself and others, but also for practical reasons as it will make her diaper changes easier.

I received an interesting suggestion today. What do you think about it?
Another idea for your consideration concerns her hair. While her long curls are the envy of any eight year old, I dont think they suit Baby Andrea so well. I know this may sound too outlandish initially, but you should consider the option of having her head shaved, after which she can be made to wear a preferably semitransparent bonnet. Actually you could leave a small tuft of hair on the top of her head to be tied with a pink ribbon, this can be combined with her bonnet wear by leaving a small opening at the top of the bonnet through which the tuft can be pulled an tied. Her new hairdo can be motivated by telling her that she wil be allowed to have her hair grow back when she has learnt not to wet her diapers any longer.


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Interview with Liz (Andrea's baby sitter)

Liz is one of the baby sitters who has sat for Andrea. She has probably been with Andrea at least a half dozen times. All of them (except for one) with Andrea as an 8 year old little girl. I sent her these questions last week by email and received these answers.

What was your reaction when you saw Andrea as a little girl the first time?
I almost died laughing. I could not believe what I was seeing. A grown man dressed as a little girl walking around, talking and acting like a child. I thought it was quite the funny act. But it did not take too long for me to realize that Andrea really is a little girl. She was not acting at all. That was even more shocking. Joanne explained to me how easy it was to reduce this submissive sissy to a child. I was very surprised but even more impressed.

Tell us about your relationship with Andrea.
Andrea is a sweet and darling little girl. I love playing dolls with her. Reading her books. Watching girly movies with her. She truly is a pretty princess. She reacts to new discoveries with the joy and excitement of a child. She screams with excitement. I love to see the joy in her eyes. We have a fun time together. But, like any child, she gets into a bad mood and pouts when she cannot have her way. Then she needs an attitude correction. Sometimes a time-out or maybe a spanking.

Is there anything you have done differently with Andrea than with other girls her age?
Andrea is much less mature than other 8 year old girls. Emotionally and intellectually she is at least a year or two behind. Maybe more. I'm not the expert. Just comparing her to other girls her age. She has too many babyish tendencies that come out at inappropriate times.

What do you enjoy most about baby sitting for Andrea?
She is so sweet and delightful. She loves to please.

How do you feel about Andrea being a 3 year old baby in diapers now?
Last week was the first time I sat for Andrea when she was a 3 year old baby girl. This just seems much more age appropriate for her. Especially since she still cannot control her bodily functions. That's the minimum expectation to get out of diapers.
She drinks warm milk and juice from a bottle. I also feed her jars of baby food. her vocabulary is limited to the words that a 3 year old would know. If anything I would say she has just turned 3 years old. She has a long way to go to reach the maturity level of a 4 year old girl.

Please feel free to post questions for Liz. I will send them to her for her replies.


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Tinkling Andrea

Andrea was taught a new trigger word last Sunday, "Tinkling Andrea". Every time we visit with Susan she tells me she is amazed at how submissive and compliant Andrea is. The purpose of this new trigger word combination is for Andrea to lose control of her bladder and wet her panties.
We tried it a few times on Sunday evening without success. Then I realized that Andrea probably did not have a full bladder at the time because when she got undressed her panties were a bit wet. But not enough to notice while we were out.

I left work mid-afternoon on Monday and took Andrea for an early dinner and shopping. She was wearing her Pretty Princess dress and Barbie panties. We went to Denny's where I order her a grilled cheese sandwich and milk. I love ordering her food from the children's menu. It's enjoyable to reinforce that she is a child for everyone she meets. I had her drink 3 tall glasses of milk.

She asked to go pee but I told her to wait. We went into Macy's and were browsing around the women's department. After a few minutes I told her to stand next to me near a rack of dresses. She did as she was told. Then I said to her "Tinkling Andrea". OMG! She was peeing in her panties, down her leg and on the floor. She could not stop. Of course, I got very upset with her and asked her what she was doing?

"Andrea, what is wrong with you? Can't you control yourself? Are you a baby who cannot control her wetting"?
Andrea broke into tears. She had no idea what was happening. I could tell how embarrassed and humiliated she was.

I took her to the baby changing room and put her on the table. Then I cleaned her with baby wipes and put clean panties (which I had in my purse) on her. I explained to her that if she could not control herself she will have to be diapered and learn to accept being treated as a baby. She was very distraught. Whimpering and crying.

On Tuesday I brought her with me to the Bridal Shoppe. She was in the back room playing. I gave her a large bottle of juice and told her to drink it all. I came back 30 minutes later and gave her another. She drank that. About 30 minutes more I took her with me to a meeting with the girls. She was standing a few feet away from me when I use the new trigger words. OMG! This time she just let go immediately. All the girls noticed. Their reaction made Andrea break down and start bawling just like a baby. Embarrassment and humiliation were not even close to what I could see on her face.

"Andrea", I said in a very stern voice, "I have had enough of this baby behavior. What do we need to do? Must we put you in diapers and treat you like a baby?" So Sweet. She cried and nodded her head and said "Yes" in a small voice.

I sent her back to the ladies room with Ms Emily to change and diaper her. When she returned she was wearing a diaper and had a pacifier in her mouth and a baby bottle in her hand. The look of humiliation on her face was incredible.

"Andrea, you are a 3 year old baby girl. Babies of that age don't know too many words. So be careful of what you say or you will be punished. But now it is time for you to go and take a nap. Babies need lots of sleep." I gave her a plush bunny and took her to the back room and put her on the couch to sleep.

Now I need to look for nursery schools for our little baby girl.


Saturday, June 5, 2010

Nursery school or First Grade?

Andrea came home from Lindas on Tuesday. I gave her quite a spanking. Her bottom is still very red and sore. She was told how awful and inappropriate her behavior was. In the meantime she is in diapers and has a pacifier in her mouth when she is not eating. It is very humiliating for her to pee and go in her diapers like a baby. She is so embarrassed that she must ask to have her diapers changed (either by me or her teenage baby sitter). When we are out I carry a diaper bag for those times when baby Andrea needs to be changed. Plus a plastic baby bottle if she is thirsty. I also have some jars of baby food in the bag if she is hungry. All of that is very disturbing to Andrea. But she has been told that if she acts like a baby she will be treated as one. This will end tonight. She will be allowed back in her pretty Barbie panties on Sunday.

We will be visiting Susan on Sunday. If you remember, she is Andrea's therapist and hypnotist. We are going to add another trigger word, "Tinkling Andrea". On hearing this she will immediately lose control of her bladder and wet her panties. Of course, this will happen when she is in public with others present. Andrea will soon learn to ask to be diapered and learn to accept being treated like a baby who cannot control her wetting. An 8 year old girl does not wet her panties.

So the question is, come September, whether Andrea will be a 3 year old girl in nursery school or a 6 year old girl in first grade who is completely potty trained. I am sure the sight of little miss Andrea trying to go while sitting on her potty chair will be quite a sight. It is sad that it will be very frustrating for her because she will have no control over her bladder. She must be kept in diapers until she proves she is potty trained.

If she is in nursery school I plan to convert her room into a nursery. That mean she will be a baby girl for a very long time.
Please let me know what you think. Nursery School or First Grade?


Sunday, May 30, 2010

Andrea's first week as a legal minor

Andrea is a bit young to understand what exactly happened at the court hearing. I explained to her that it means that there will be adults that will always be around to take care of her and make sure she is safe and well taken care of. We all want her to be a happy little girl. She now has the same last name as mine. She smiled at that.

Andrea's teacher, Ms Dotson, told me that Andrea should start in the first grade in the fall with the 6 year olds. She said that 3rd grade was too difficult for Andrea. Emotionally and socially she is not ready for the 3rd grade. She still has babyish reactions to things that frustrate her.

This weekend Andrea is at my friend Linda's home. Linda has a 6 month old baby boy. She asked if Andrea could be her baby girl for the weekend so her baby boy could have some company. Andrea argued a bit but finally accepted that she will be a 2 year old baby girl in diapers for the weekend.

Andrea mostly has adapted well as a baby girl this weekend. She drank milk from a bottle, ate jars of baby food, had her diaper changed, and was talking and playing like a little baby. But she had one major mistake that was very disturbing. Friday evening Linda breast fed her baby boy and put him to sleep in his crib. Then she put Andrea on her lap to breast feed our baby girl.

As a little baby Andrea was expected to just drink from Linda's breast because that's all babies are interested in. But our little baby girl soon reached out and squeezed Linda's breast. Linda was very upset! She turned Andrea over and spanked her good and hard until she was crying at the top of her lungs! Andrea is being punished by being a baby for 2 more full weeks. She is being taught to breast feed properly as a baby.

If she does not behave properly over the next 2 weeks she will spend the summer as a little baby girl. Then she will start nursery school as a 3 year old in the fall. She will know some words but also speak in baby language. It would take her 5 years to get back to being an 8 year old girl. That is if she is emotionally and socially ready each year for advancement.

Will keep you all informed.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Andrea is now legally a child

The court hearing on Monday was actually much more straight forward and less stressful that I thought. My lawyer presented the petition for Andrea to be declared a minor. The two psychiatrists who interviewed her then presented their findings. Basically that Andrea is mentally and emotionally a child who cannot look after herself. Then the judge asked Andrea a few questions. Pretty basic stuff about what her interests are (her dolls, school, her books and games); how she feels about her Mommy and her friends; and then she explained, in simple terms, what was happening. Andrea stated that she understood that I would be responsible for her and make sure she is cared for in every way. The the judge signed the papers and it was all over.

Andrea is now a minor. A little girl with the rights of a child. She has no adult responsibilities or rights. I am responsible for her well being. Also her last name was changed legally to mine since she is now legally my daughter.

Last week I took Andrea to a doctor recently to discuss her having the operation to remove those boy parts. Andrea will be a much happier little girl when that is done. Hope to have that done sometime before the summer is over.

This weekend Andrea will be visiting my friend Linda. Linda has a 6 month old baby boy. She asked if Andrea could be her baby girl for the weekend so her baby could have some company. I am sure Andrea will love being Linda's little baby girl.

The photo is a recent picture of Andrea when we visited the American Girl store.


Monday, May 17, 2010

Andrea is a sweet little girl

I just spent the last 2 weeks on a buying trip for my Bridal Shoppe on the west coast (mostly California). Usually I take one the the salesgirls with me. But this time I decided to take Andrea on the trip. It's not particularly easy to take a child but I felt it would be a good experience and helpful to her development as a little girl. I took her with me to most of my appointments during the day. But in the evenings I arranged for teenage girls to baby sit her. An 8 year old girl can't be left alone while I am out at business meetings or socializing with friends and colleagues.

Andrea did very extremely well. Little girls can keep themselves busy for awhile but after a few hours they need attention. Andrea had her dolls, books, games (ipod touch) and little projects to keep her busy. She would usually sit in an office while I worked. There were also times when other little girls were available to play with her. There were times she would whine for attention because she was either hungry, bored or just wanted her Mommy. I did not punish her for that because that is pretty usual behavior for a child. Actually I was very happy to see that she was acting her age.

The women I work with were a bit surprised to meet Andrea for the first time. But she makes a fine first impression. She has been taught to curtsey and politely say "How do you do" to any adult she is introduced to. It does not take long for the adults to see that is is a darling sweet girl.

There was only once when Andrea started to whine excessively. She was very tired at the end of a long day. I told her to behave for only 15 minutes more. But she persisted in crying. I put a pacifier in her mouth and warned her about acting like a baby. That scared her. She remembered the time she was a baby in diapers for a weekend.

The school year has ended for Andrea. Unfortunately she did not do well in 3rd grade. Ms Dotson has recommended that Andrea begin with first grade in the fall. She says that Andrea needs help with her reading and writing. Going back to basics might be for the best. Plus Ms Dotson says Andrea has babyish tendencies (as I noted above). Being with 6 year old girls would be more age appropriate for her.

Lastly I should mention that each day we had a "Sissy Andrew" moment. Andrea is well aware of the humiliation she must endure with each person she is introduced to. Everyone realizes that she has been reduced to a child, a pretty little girl in gorgeous dresses who loves playing with her dolls. Andrea knows how much this pleases her Mommy and Auntie Casey.
She always asks to be shown off, as a pretty little girl, to everyone.